The Playboy Series

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After being cheated on, I made a rule for myself: No Distractions.
No distractions basically translated into: No Men.
And that meant HELL NO when it came to Daniel Alexander.
Daniel was just like every other guy out there, only worse: he was richer than sin and used to getting what he wanted. I don't care that Daniel thinks he wants me. I think he just likes a challenge, but I'm not up for the chase, no matter how ridiculously gorgeous he is.
A guy that hot could make a woman like me lose focus and that's not something I'm willing to risk. I have no interest in him. But he has no interest in leaving me alone. No matter how hard I push, he won't go away. No matter how much I ignore him, he refuses to be ignored. Daniel's convinced there's something between us, but I don't trust him.
And my gut is rarely wrong. 
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